‘Stand up and wake up’ Meet the founder of the French jihad-busting Mothers’ Brigade

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Nadia Remadna is on a grassroots mission to save her children and their peers from recruitment into lives of crime and extremism

Emma-Kate Symons 09.21.16

SEVRAN, FRANCE — Nadia Remadna, social worker, single mom-of-four and founder of The Mothers’ Brigade, is almost marching me through a walking tour of her Paris suburb notorious for being one of France’s leading exporters of jihadists.

“Look over there at that café, do you see one woman? And this one?” she says, pointing to the exclusively male clientele enjoying leisurely beverages outdoors in the early evening sun. “It’s frowned upon for a woman to be seen drinking a coffee or mint tea on a café terrace, or walking around on her own after a certain hour.”

We file past groups of women and young girls, veiled and covered from head to toe, many hurrying along the streets and onto public buses, with multiple children and shopping bags in tow.

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